Have you ever been in a room that just feels right? Nine times out of 10, it’s because it has a simple design that functions well. But creating a simple design is harder than it looks — particularly in bedrooms.

By far one of the most important aspects is the clutter in the room. You should be always be able to see the floor baseboard clean, this will enlarge your space automatically. Plane clean surfaces tend to enlarge the space at all times and the floor is one of those planes found in every room obviously. Consider making a yard sale with unnecessary stuff, to remove carpets if they`re fragmenting the space and to throw personal belonging from dressers, night tables and even entertainment centers if they`re not well organized, for example the wire are destroying the apparel of many spaces.Unless in a group or collection, make sure you have space around every object and that everything breaths, making it less stressful even to watch.

Why? Because every bedroom absolutely has to have a bed in it. And beds are big and ungainly, and dictate the placement of every other object in the room. But if you’re lucky enough to be planning a bedroom from scratch or remodeling an existing bedroom, you can control the other elements and create a space that’s both practical and pretty.

The bedrooms shown here manage that feat with panache. Even if you don’t have a great view, access to the outdoors or plenty of space to work with, the principles they embody and the simplicity they show can inspire your own bedroom design project.

That`s a well known alternative which is avoided by most of us. Due to installation issues, we avoid wholes in the walls and everything that would damage it. Also the shelves and cantilevered furniture is most of the time more expensive if it looks well and you don`t have many alternatives so it`s hard to mix and match.
Even though maximizing your wall space is a challenge, it’s one that we should all accept and conquer because it brings much benefits to the room, it creates plane surface if used wisely and therefore seems to enlarge the space while hosting lots of stuff behind it. Always avoid curved furniture when you are trying to make a room seem bigger. Another great aspect are hung night stands which seem to flow by the bed, a great alternative to maximize the ocean around your bed, the footprint in the bedroom.

To save on space, pay attention to where you locate the bathroom and closet in your bedroom. Rooms that have bathroom or closet access before the sleeping area require a longer hall (see the left-hand plan). If you organize the circulation so the bathroom and closet are accessed through the sleeping area (right-hand plan), you don’t need a separate hall, and you can add the circulation space into the room to make it

feel larger, too.

Probably the biggest advantage that Ikea brought in front of it`s rivals are the unique space saving solutions and creative uses of storage. Modest boxes that can merge with any environment in a very simple and stylish way. Epic. Decorative baskets in a bookshelf unit or sustainable boxes made out of plants, storage bins under your bed and so on. Keep in mind to organize the objects by how common you are using them and by accessibility, maybe your kid should not easily reach  everything, but vice versa you do not want him to climb up for his toys and fall.

Locating your bedroom at the corner of your home can give you windows on two or more adjacent walls. This gives you the added benefit of cross ventilation and a softer natural light.

Most doctors and therapist are advising us to keep mass media and electronics away from the bedroom as much as possible because they cause stress and anxiety to some people. Even so…the TV is most of the time present in the bedroom and it has an impressive dimension from time to time(thing that should not happen). The entertainment unit should be in the living room not bedroom, but if you really need it, try to buy some output device for your smartphone, netbook or mp3. This way you`ll still have radio, music, even a small screen, and keep the silence in the bedroom when needed. It`s also a great way to save space.