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Interior Design Basics

 Before you jump into the bandwagon of doing a major overhaul and getting a renovation loan for your HDB renovation in Singapore, it is also important to know the basics so it will be easier to communicate with your interior designer.

Visual Balance

Equal distribution of visual weights in a particular room will enhance the overall look. Balance a room with heavy objects that are visually equal and have similar weights. Creating a space with visual balance in mind will make a more comfortable room to look at.

Color Harmony

Use color themes to unify a collection of spaces. Create harmony by using a color with varying shades, shapes, sizes and textures. A room need not only contain 1 or 2 different colors. Using different shades of a color will increase the depth and feel of a room.

Focal Point

The main focal point draws attention. Create a focal point by highlighting a particular piece of furniture or artwork but it not limited to just these couple of things. Walls or floors could be focal points too. Feel free to explore a room and highlight a part of it.


Use larger furniture in larger rooms and smaller ones in small room. Large spaces may look empty if they are accompanied with small furniture so keeping a proper scale ratio is important. Additionally, you may leave some space in a room to avoid a cluttered look and feel.