There are number of ways where you can create perfect palette that gives birth to an exemplary makeover as Vintage involves a plethora of mix and match of different kind of elements/ props that could create the same raw yet classy look of the past, although don’t forget to team them with the right color background, a subtle lemon yellow or green wallpaper or the forever favorite white desk with crystal clear glasses etc they would give you a modern touch to the ambience while a cafe chair, scribble on the opposite etc wall would account for the vintage look.

Vintage interior design is all about creating a sense of charm and history through old eclectic pieces. By adding antiques, collectibles, flea market finds, and estate sale items you can develop a vintage atmosphere. Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them just as they are by repairing or refinishing them. Excellent places for sourcing vintage finds include flea markets, estate sales, salvage shops, consignment shops, and antique stores.